APRIL 6, 2011: Snowmobile season was a success

South Muskoka – Although the snow has been gone and the trails have been closed for several weeks, Gravenhurst’s local snowmobile club Snowcrest Riders is now wrapping up the 2010 snowmobile season. We would like to take this time to thank the many people behind the scenes that each year have supported your local snowmobile club, which has just been nominated as the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs 2009/2010 Club of the Year.

Thank you to:

The many businesses that support us by purchasing map ads space, sponsoring or donating to our special events throughout the year. Thank you for your generous contributions;

Snowcrest volunteers who work in wet, cold and generally undesirable conditions to help us get the trails open as soon as possible. To our other volunteers who donate their time and many other skills to ensure as a club we are continuously improving and working with and for our community;

Our groomer operators who spend their winter nights out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a cellphone and two-way radio protecting them from the -30 C temperatures and other winter conditions that they are presented with;

Snowcrest Riders board of directors who make the decisions determining all the workings of the club, from when the grooming will begin to coordinating the special events;

The Town of Gravenhurst, who has worked closely with Snowcrest Riders and assisted with the new bridge over Beaver Creek and other major trails reroutes and upgrades;

To our landowners who selflessly donate a part of their land each season to our almost 300 kilometres of well-groomed, safe trails. They help with the winter economy in Gravenhurst, assisting with keeping the Gravenhurst community employed, and our favourite local businesses sustainable during the winter months.

Each of you are an integral piece of the giant picture and with each of us working together, we are positive contributors to our community. We help ensure that our community remains a premier winter destination for family recreation. Everyone involved should be proud of their contribution.

Snowcrest Riders would not and could not maintain the trails in south Muskoka without all of us working together as one. Gravenhurst does not have ski hills, tubing hills or snowboarding hills. Gravenhurst has snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is arguably the No. 1 economic engine for tourism in the Gravenhurst area.

With much thanks to all of you we can again celebrate another very successful season. We look forward to working with all of you again for the 2011 season.

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