Use this link to view the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide.

Grooming: Please remember to try and let the trails set for three or four hours after being groomed – they can get wrecked very easily in the first few hours. If you encounter a newly groomed trail, please try extra hard not to spin your track or cause ruts in the corners – the trail will stand up much better for other sledders and your return run.

Special thanks to our numerous volunteers, sponsors, businesses, permit distributors, and an especially BIG THANK YOU to our Landowners, without whom our 200 kms of well groomed trails could not exist! Please Respect the Landowners who have given us permission to travel on their Private Property while the trails are open.  Any use of UNAVAILABLE Trails without Landowner permission is TRESPASSING and could result in trails permissions being revoked. Stay off UNAVAILABLE Trails.

In addition to trail status, your decision to enter any available OFSC trail must be based on other determining factors at the time of your ride, including weather conditions, visibility, natural hazards, storm or other damage and the conditions of both you and your sled.



As a condition of use of OFSC Prescribed Trails, the operator or passenger of a snowmobile agrees to never leave the trail base and assumes all risk of personal injury, death or property loss resulting from any cause whatsoever including but not limited to the risks, dangers and hazards of snowmobiling; collision with natural or man made objects or other persons; travel within or beyond the authorized trail boundaries; or negligence, breach of contract or breach of statutory duty of care of the part of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, its member clubs, respective directors, officers, employees, volunteers, landowners, independent contractors, subcontractors, representatives, sponsors, successors and assigns (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “OFSC”). The operator or passenger of a snowmobile agrees that the OFSC shall not be liable for any such personal injury, death or property loss and releases the OFSC and waives all claims with respect thereto. The operator or passenger of a snowmobile agrees that any litigation involving the OFSC shall be brought within the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of the Province of Ontario. The operator or passenger of a snowmobile further agrees that these conditions and any rights, duties and obligations as between the OFSC and the trail permit holder shall be governed by and interpreted solely in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and no other jurisdiction. (Refer to


The Trail Status posted here is for general information only and does not necessarily reflect the Trail Status at the time of your ride or the actual local trail conditions you may encounter. The Trail Status is gathered from club volunteers and is valid only at the time of their observation. Their observations may not meet your expectations and the Trail Status may vary from the time of posting. The Trail Status may vary with changing conditions such as temperature, snow quality, type of terrain and usage. Please exercise caution at all times and be prepared for the unexpected. Remember that the snowmobile trail is providing you with an off road experience that has inherent risks, because it occurs in an unpredictable and uncontrollable natural setting, which demands constant rider preparedness, vigilance, caution, unimpaired reaction and smart choice. Trail signs are posted only for your convenience and there is no guarantee that they will be there at any given time due to wind, rain, storms or vandalism. This guide is intended only as a reference. The OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs) accepts no responsibility or liability for any discrepancies, inaccuracies, errors or omissions which may occur, for actual trail conditions encountered on any trails shown on this trail guide, or for any resulting loss or damage.