August 23, 2014: Special Meeting

Today a special meeting was held in a conference room at the Residence Inn Marriott at the Muskoka Wharf.  All local sledders, businesses, and interested parties were invited to attend to discuss this year’s funding shortfall and plans for moving forward. Approximately two dozen people attended, including two Town Councillors (Sandy Cairns and Randy Jorgensen), most of the Snowcrest directors, and quite a few club members.
Several people commented that they would like to see the club work closer on getting everyone involved. Suggestions were made about holding events such as a corn roast or trail side barbeques, along with our existing important annual fundraisers, such as the Snowcrest Pancake Breakfast at Walker’s Point, the June Golf Tournament, and the Poker Run that we held on the weekend of the P.E.T. Ride last winter. It was also mentioned that people would like to see regular Saturday group rides to encourage members to get together and enjoy some sledding. Several people expressed an interest in volunteering to help the club in various ways. We will increase our use of this web site and other forms of electronic communication to help build on our existing volunteer base.
In terms of donations, a very generous “white knight” led the way, and several other individuals and businesses stepped up to the plate with generous contributions of their own. The sense at the end of the meeting was that the current cash crunch has served as a rallying point that will allow our club to pull together, and work toward becoming stronger than ever. Thank you very much to everyone who attended, and all those who dug into their pocketbooks before or during the meeting. Our fundraising and other club-building efforts will continue.

2013 CCSO Club of the Year

Snowcrest was selected as the 2013 Club of the Year by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations.

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