BAYSVILLE LOOP – 125 kilometres

4  to 5 hours plus time for a meal and gas stop

Difficulty Level – MODERATE

the baysville loop

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Bring a snack if you plan to do the whole loop and then dine in Gravenhurst.

Fuel up in Gravenhurst before you leave! Currently the most convenient gas is at the Canadian Tire Gas Bar on the main street of Gravenhurst. Once you’re out on the route, gas on the trail is available at Baysville. (See map)

Convenient starting points, where you can park and unload your sleds, include Gravenhurst Municipal Lots at Gull Lake Park in Uptown Gravenhurst, and at the Muskoka Wharf beside the Residence Inn Marriott down at Lake Muskoka.


Follow trail C101D north about 1 kilometre to the edge of Gravenhurst until you meet with Top Trail D where it crosses Bethune Drive. Turn right at the junction, carefully cross over Bethune Drive, and follow D for about half an hour, or 13 kilometres. This run utilizes the unique snowmobile bridge that crosses Highway 11, and another substantial bridge over Beaver Creek. You will turn left and leave D Trail at the junction of Trail 3.

You are now on Trail 3, which is also Top Trail B. The trail east for about 2 kilometres is a little slower and narrow in some parts, as it is groomable only by the smaller machines that have to be brought in from a considerable distance. Take your time in this piece of trail. Once you arrive at and cross Ryde Lake (follow the stake line) you move into an area accessible by a larger groomer, and the trail usually becomes wider and smoother. You continue along Trail B for about three quarters of an hour, or 22 kilometres, consisting of woods and sometimes roller coaster hills, until you cross Highway 118 and exit Snowcrest Riders territory at Wood Lake. Wood Lake will be staked and you will enjoy a lake run of about 2 kilometres and then proceed on B for about half an hour, or 12 kilometres, through Bigwind Provincial Park, until you turn left at the junction of D102B. This is a fine trail utilizing the summer logging roads that criss cross that territory. Follow D102B into Baysville, about 20 kilometres or 30 minutes.

At this point you have been traveling for about 2 and a half hours, and covered about 75 kilometres since Gravenhurst. You are slightly more than half way through this loop. Many sleds will require fuel at this point. Baysville has a couple of restaurants and a gas station with regular and premium gasoline.

To continue on the second half of the loop, proceed on D102B west out of Baysville for about 5 kilometres, or 10 minutes, until you meet Trail D103B. At this point you have the option of turning right toward Port Sydney or Huntsville, or turning left toward Bracebridge or Gravenhurst. For this description, you will turn left and follow D103B toward your point of origin. After 15 minutes, or 10 kilometres on D103B, you will come to the junction of Trail 41, where you have a decision to make.

If you turn right on Trail 41, you will continue to Gravenhurst without retracing any of the trails already covered on this trip. You will, however, encounter a stretch of about 2 kilometres where you will be traveling along Fraserburg Road. This route is fine if you have found the secondary roads to be nicely snow-covered thus far on your trip. (If the roads are all bare, however, you may prefer to continue on D103B rather than turning right onto 41. If you stay on D103B past 41 for about 10 kilometres, or 15 minutes, you will meet Trail B, which you utilized earlier on your way to Baysville. At B you would turn right, and retrace the route across Wood Lake again, and onward back to D Trail, where you would turn right to return to Gravenhurst.)

Let’s assume that a bit of road travel is acceptable. In this case you turn right on to 41 and leave D103B. 41 is a short trail. You follow it for about 4 kilometres, or 10 minutes, at which point you will turn left at the junction of Trail 44. You follow Trail 44 for about 17 kilometres, or 30 minutes, including a stretch of about 2 kilometres along Fraserburg Road. As you near the end of Trail 44, you will cross beneath Highway 11 at Muskoka Falls, and will soon arrive at the junction of Top Trail D, at which point you have returned to Snowcrest Riders territory.

At D you turn left toward Gravenhurst. D is a main trail and can be quite busy at times, particularly on weekends. You travel south on D for about 8 kilometres, or 15 minutes, following the Trans Canada Pipeline in places. On the outskirts of Gravenhurst, Trail D comes to the point where you crossed Bethune Drive near the beginning of your journey. This time you do not turn left to cross the road, but continue straight on C101D back to your starting point.

Now that you have returned to Gravenhurst there are several good food spots right on C101D. Recommended places to eat include Carey’s Irish Pub, Lakers, The Frosty Pint, The Pizza Station, The Coffee Station, Feel Better, Boston Pizza, and Sunset Grill. All the places mentioned are club sponsors, and all of them are on C101D or within seconds of it.