Daytrip – Rolling Hills

Follow Trail D north through Bracebridge and follow north to Port Sydney.  At Port Sydney take Trail D103B south-east through Baysville and on to Trail B.  Follow Trail B to Trail 5 and head west through Germania.  Take Trail 8 west and once you meet with D you can follow it south back into Gravenhurst.

Description: The Pipeline north to Bracebridge is wide trail taking sledders over the floating bridge into Bracebridge. This area is a little slower because of the residential area and road crossings in town. The trail north out of Bracebridge is an open, hilly route through forested areas. At Port Sydney-when the ice is in, ususally by early January -sledders cross the south end of Mary Lake following a “pine branch” route, marked by the Hill & Gully Riders.  Before that time a dry-land route is indicated through the village. The trail south from Port Sydney is very scenic traveling through rock cuts ~ take your camera! This trail is a well groomed summer road: this stretch has been nicknamed the “AutoBaun”. Traveling along 8 will bring you down beside Muskoka Falls; park your sled under the highway bridge and wander over to the gorge, a magnificent amount of water flows through this every day ~ spring snowmobilers will see unbelievable amounts of water rushing the gorge from the thawing of the lakes higher up the river.

Pit Stops: Remember to gas up in Gravenhurst before you leave on this route. Sledders can eat in Port Sydney at the Pump & Barrel, Smith’s Restaurant & PetroCan or the Beauideal Restaurant on the main street. Gas is also available at Smith’s. You may also want to have lunch in Baysville at the Pavilion, My Sister’s Bistro or the Four Seasons Village Restaurant. Gas is also available in Baysville at the NOCO station.

Length 146 km 5-6hours with lunch/ gas stop

Difficulty – DIFFICULT